What do you do?

My Name Is Toni Ann Semple and I’m a Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Musician.

Why do you do it?

Well…Ever Since I was 11, I discovered that I really love music. I would pretend that I was playing the guitar whenever I would hear one on the radio. My Mom discovered what I was doing and purchased my first guitar.  I taught myself how to play that Instrument and then discovered piano, which I also taught myself how to play. I would write and sing everyday, because music to me is like being in a different world. It’s a place where you can escape, and where all things are possible. I love that feeling so much, that I would visit that mystical place everyday.  When I discovered that I liked the horn too, I joined my elementary band and went on to receive a scholarship for trumpet/flugelhorn in high school.  I don’t  play anymore because a musician by the name of The Thelonious Monk Jr. (Drummer), told me he wanted me to stop playing because he didn’t want me to ruin my lips…and then my aunt gave me a native African flute as a gift, and I started playing that and fell in love with that Instrument as well.


Why should people care?

When you can make a difference in other people’s lives with melody & lyric, a song that touches them in a special way, you start to realize that you care that you’re connecting with them… Especially when you look out into the audience and see people closing their eyes and moving to what they’re hearing.  It could be the way you’re performing a song, or perhaps it’s a certain song that they’re familiar with that’s moving them. You then start to realize that they are connecting with you because you found a way to connect with them.

Learn more about Toni Ann Semple: www.reverbnation.com/toniannsemple

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