Who are you?

Both: Emily Harrison and Jennie Engelhardt, and we are the creators and designers of Hare + Hart.


Why are you here today?

Jennie: We are doing a presentation of our new spring collection.


What do you do?

Emily: Well we both design together, and I am in charge of production in Argentina where I live.

Jennie: I do more business, marketing and sales in New York and we both co-design and this is our [spring] collection of leather and calf hair, accessories and jackets.

Why do you do it?

Emily:  We do it because it’s really a passion project that we started; we’ve done this as something that we really love and it’s grown from that.

Jennie: Emily lives in Argentina and so it sort of blossomed from there. Argentina has this huge leather industry, and so being able to take advantage of that at its source; where a lot of Argentine leather is usually sent to China or Italy and used there and so we’re able to actually do everything at the source.


Would you consider yourself to be Hip, Modern and/or Motivated?

Emily: We’re definitely motivated.


About Hare + Hart: All Hare+Hart products are made in Argentina by Argentine craftsmen using Argentine leather. Learn more at www.hareandhart.com.

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