Cameras flash in every corner of the room and the sound of reporters overwhelm every ear. I muddled through the crowds of amazon-esque models with extensions to the middle of their backs as some of the most fabulous people NYC has to offer crowded the Hair and makeup stations backstage at the Bibhu Mohapatra show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. Entering the organized chaos of makeup and hair extensions, nothing can compare to the intense excitement backstage during fashion week. We caught up with L’Oreal  Hair Stylist Amit Abraham to get the inside scoop on Fall/Winter 2012 hairstyles as well as a few Spring/Summer trends we can implement in the warm months ahead!

Before we got into the styling tips we talked with Amit about the overall direction of the Mohapatra show. Abraham explained that the show was inspired by early 20th century Chinese Opera.  Asian inspiration was clearly reflected in the styling of each models flawless coif. Using L’Oreal Professionals products including L’Oreal Mythic Oil, Infinium 4 Hair Spray and an amazing flat iron, Abraham created a smooth and sophisticated look. All models wore their hairpin straight with low ponytails, knotted at the base.  Using extensions ranging 18-22 inches in length provided dramatic statement. Abraham stressed the importance of the look not being too “greasy or sleek” but rather more like “natural, beautiful hair. Amit spent on average 35-40 min on each model, with 18 models total in the show! We asked Abraham what to expect in spring for hair. He explained that “workable and wearable” right out of bed hair is the thing to do now but things are changing for the fall “and it’s [bleep] great!” More “sexy and polished” strands are popping up on runways from Mohapatra to Phillip Lim and Rachel Roy. So break out your flat irons and get prepared to be sleek and fabulous next Fall/Winter 2012.

After we wrapped up with hair we headed over to the makeup team to see how to work face in Fall 2012. Maybelline make-up artist, Gato, worked feverishly to create a flawless face to compliment the elegance of the pieces in the Mohapatra collection. Each model displayed a dramatic and theatrical elegance. Using white eye shadow as a base with no mascara, Gato created a captivating look accented by a sophisticated plum lip with lots of gloss. Gato explained that for Fall/Winter 2012 we can expect to see lots of metallic’s and bold, rich color. But for the warm months of Spring/Summer 2012 that are now approaching, Gato advises blue and green for the eyes and fun, playful lips.

Inspired by Indian traditions and his mother, designer Bibhu Mohapatra enlisted the help of Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments to create bright and original nail colors to enhance the Asian themed collection. A bright red, Rekah, was used on the left hand and a nude color, Parveen, on the right to represent a tradition of his mother based of the Indian custom to eat with the right hand. Adding a sparkling topcoat for shine and shimmer on the runway highlighted the nude color.

Overall the show was streamline, polished and flawless. Mohapatra created looks that sophisticated fashionistas would die for. Bold greens and read accented by beautiful prints and enough glitter and sequins to shine bright in the dreary winter months.


Article Written By: Tomarra Buckner
Photo Credit: Paul Nathan

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