What do you do?
I connect and bring craft beer to an untapped world, women [through a series of She’s Crafty events]. I think the beer world has been geared toward men for so long that the only women involved have been the ones who serves them. But the fact is that smart, savvy, and sophisticated women can take the craft beer scene and own it because craft beer tastes good. For example, the first time I had craft beer I said “that’s not beer, that’s something else” and there it was born, my desire to introduce women to beer.

Why do you do it?

I do this because I think women would truly enjoy something that is unique and different, not like the usual beer, but craft beer. I also think it’s cooler and hipper to know about craft beer than it is to know about wine. Wine is for my parents, but beer is for me and other like-minded women just like me.

Why should people care?

The reason why the craft brewers should care is because:

a) women make more of the buying decision in the household now more than ever and it’s only going to progress;

b) women are more likely and willing to spend more money on unique and new things than men;

c) women represent 60% of the buying public. This means that when a company only targets men for a product that is for both men and women, they missed 60% of revenue and profit. So maybe the craft brewers can wake up and not do what Bud/Miller/Coors have been doing for so long, and target women.

The reason why women should care is because they will be surprised as to how great craft beer tastes and how much better it is with food and even sometimes with dessert.

HMM deemed Nune Boyadjian as a woman to watch because she is educating women about something as simple as beer, in a unique and fun way.

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