If you live in NYC, you’re probably always in a rush!  Add in the fact that you’re a girl and you need to put on make-up, do your hair and make sure your nails aren’t chipped everyday before you leave the house, so you’re really into Do-It-Yourself.  I recently ran across a solution, for nails and I just had to share.

Not too long ago I tried out the “Everlasting French” nail kit by KISS ($6.99 at CVS) and I was pleasantly surprised.  It came in several lengths, but I chose “real short” as I’ve never been for long nails, and they really don’t look professional.  Boy was I surprised at how easy they went on, how natural they looked, and how long they lasted.

To apply, I simply followed the 4-step instructions:

  1. Apply glue to nail
  2. Apply thin layer of glue to natural nail
  3. Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds
  4. Remove Self-Tab – bend down & twist

My nails lasted way beyond the 7 days advertised, it was about 12 days before they began to pop off.  They never chipped and I actually got several compliments on how natural they looked.  Having never been one for press-on nails, I was extremely pleased and had to share with you guys.  It won’t hurt to try them out, and the kit also comes with glue, a mini nail file and manicure stick.

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