Spider Lashes:
On Fashion’s Night Out in September we stopped by The Body Shop and caught up with celebrity make-up artist Shawnelle Prestidge.  We chatted with her about Falls go-to eye look. She dished, that this Fall spider eyelashes are all the rage and even tried them out on me.

Get the Look:
To achieve the look Shawnelle did a few simple things.  First she used an eyelash curler to add volume to my eyelashes. Next she applied a coat of mascara.  Last, after the first coat dried she applied one last coat, but stayed clear of layering the mascara to avoid clumping.

Product: For optimal length we recommend picking up a tube of “big & curvy” mascara by The Body Shop.  It’s only $18, and adds just the amount of curve and coverage needed to achieve spider lashes.

You may also want to pick up an eyelash curler if you don’t already own one.  We found one for a steal at Walgreens by Revlon for $5.99.  If you’re a newbie to using an eyelash curler check out Shawnelle’s technique at 7:18 in the video below:

Happy Lashes!

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